Neurodiversity vs “The Mighty”

On the 28th of April 2015 I published an article called “the basics of neurodiversity”. (It was on my old blog, but you can see it on my new website by clicking here. It will open in a new window.) Somehow, an editor at ‘The Mighty’ stumbled across the article and liked it enough to get in touch on 8 June and request permission to republish it. {In case you don’t know about The Mighty I’ve included a link >> here << so you can see their website via donotlink.}

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In my family of eight, six of us are neurodivergent, five have diagnosed disabilities. Our two Autistic kids are homeschooled. Two of our kids go to local schools. The youngest is not old enough for school yet, and our oldest is in tertiary education. Things can be quite hectic around here.

I generally don’t broadcast our struggles publicly because…. well, they are ours, and the kids don’t need to grow up to see me whining about parenting them all over the place when they grow up.

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