when behaviour is stigmatised Hello Michelle Swan

when behaviour is stigmatised

We all behave. We all use behaviour as a form of communication. We all have opinions about other peoples behaviour. We all make assumptions about what constitutes “good” and “bad” behaviour. In the context of disability support, behaviour is a much discussed topic, and very often the word “behaviour” is preceded by the word “challenging” or followed by the word “management”. More and more though, I want to precede or follow the word “behaviour” with the word “stigmatised”.

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illusion of choice Hello Michelle Swan

The illusion of choice in behaviour modification therapy

You can listen to “The illusion of choice in behaviour┬ámodification therapy” as part of a podcast on The Neurodivecast by Alex Kronstein. Click << here >> to open the podcast site in a new window. This article is read first. Keep listening for other excellent articles on the topic of ABA and behaviour modification therapy.

During April autistic adults take the opportunity when people are raising “awareness” to push back against some of the ideas commonly held by non autistic people about what is good for autistic people.

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