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We had exciting mail from Way of the Cactus again! Do you remember the last review I did of WOTC products? I’m so glad that the great team from Way of the Cactus has agreed to let me offer readers of this site regular reviews and deals, and the next one is just in time for Christmas!!

Receiving a parcel from Way of the Cactus is a stress free process from start to finish. I have to admit, I don’t always love ordering online because of the process of waiting an indefinite amount of time, and then having to hang around the house wondering when it will arrive and hoping I don’t miss it. WOTC uses a courier that provide a reliable, predictable service that includes regular and clear communication that takes the worry out of the wait for delivery. It’s a much appreciated aspect of the Way of the Cactus experience for me. And as usual, the parcel arrived beautifully presented with packaging that was lovely to touch and environmentally friendly.

So, what awesome products did we receive this time? WOTC has a new, limited stock, range of musical instruments that are ethically made and fairly traded in Bali and all made from sustainable materials like seed pods, coconuts and bamboo.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 2.02.03 PM.png

We received a selection of items from the above pictured Large Percussion Basket. {If you want to click links in this article, they’ll all open in a new window} Never having been a fan of the kids musical instruments that have made their way into my home over the years, I was curious to see how these sounded. I really, really wanted them not to be comparable to the annoyingly pitched, headache inducing experiences of the past.

Way of the Cactus did not disappoint! As well as being aesthetically pleasing, these are by far the most pleasant sounding percussion style music makers I have ever used or shared space with – they look and sound beautiful. So, I’m glad to say I can unhesitatingly recommend them to you, and offer you a great readers deal.

Before I tell you about the discount offer, here are a few pictures and thoughts about the products we tried.

The instruments we received were

A bento shaker

This shaker is made from seed pods and it sounds amazing. Often shakers hurt my ears, but this sound is gentle and I find it pleasing…. when I use it at least. When 4 year old R shakes it he’s a lot more energetic than I am so it’s louder of course, but still not offensive like many of the plastic or metal bell style shakers around that just make me cringe. I also love the feel of the seed pods. The shaker is a nice weight in my hand and I like the feel of the wooden handle as I turn the shaker in my hand. Come to think of it, that is the difference between what R and I do with the shaker…. he shakes it, I turn it…. and we get two different sounds from it. If you want to hear it before buying click the link above to see a demonstration video on the WOTC website, but do note that I think the sound is more gentle than what comes across on the video. The video sounded a bit tinny and harsh to my ear, but the bento shaker in real life was nicer. As 12 year old K says, “it’s a nice natural sound”.


Two wooden egg shakers

These were 10 year old G’s favourite! She says the round one with the bell inside would be good for the cats to play with and that she loved the eggs shaped one because it makes a quiet rattlesnake sound. Again, I like them because the sound is not loud. And again, I love the feel of the wood- so smooth and just the right size to cup in my hand and hold firmly. There is a particularly nice pressure in the egg shaped one as the weights inside fall into my palm when I shake it. You can see in the pics below of R playing with the eggs that he really like the ball shaped one with the bell inside- took me ages to get that one picture of him just holding it still!

You can buy the eggs as a bundle of 4, in a basket of a dozen, or as part of one of 3 instrument collections. You’ll find all options by clicking  here.

A wind chime

This is the only instrument we received that we have a disagreement about. R thinks it is best played with by holding it in his hand and running the wooden stick back and forward along it as fast as possible. I think it is best hanging on my beside table drawer and having my fingers run softly along it every now and then to get a lovely light tinkling sound. The wind chime is 12 year old K’s favourite- she says it is “dingly” and she loves running her fingers along it too.


The kids and I loved all the music makers we received. For them they were fun and sounded nice. It really is about the whole sensory experience for me…. sound, feel, smell, visual appearance…. these products tick all the boxes.

So, what’s the deal? 

From now until November 30 you can save 10% off everything in your cart at Way of the Cactus by quoting discount code MICHELLE10 at the checkout.

Stock on these music makers is limited, so if you want to get yours before Christmas you need to get in quickly! Other beautiful gift possibilities from Way of the Cactus include comfort eggs, ecobling jewellery, sensory friendly clothing with new design Catcus tees, and custom Sway boards as a limited edition offer for Christmas so you can have your kids names printed on them!! I promise a visit to the Way of the Cactus online store will turn up something you really want to get your hands on.

*This is a sponsored post. WOTC gives me 10% commission on purchases made using the MICHELLE10 discount code.

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