How can I help your organisation?

Read on for information about resource development consultation for professionals and organisations, and how I can meet your needs at speaking engagements , seminars and workshops.

Resource Development Consultation
for professionals and organisations

I can help you and your staff

  • understand neurodivergent clients experiences and needs
  • create suitable resources to support neurodivergent clients
  • assess needs and develop respectful strategies to support neurodivergent clients
  • and more! Tell me what’s on your mind and I’ll see how I can help.


Speaking engagements, Seminars and Workshops

I am available to speak and facilitate workshops on a variety of topics,
including (but not limited to):

  • neurodiversity and neurodivergence
  • autism
  • living well as an autistic person
  • supporting autistic people to live well
  • sensory processing challenges
  • creating a sensory friendly environment
  • human rights
  • acceptance of diversity
  • inclusion- in education and general society
  • homeschooling
  • parenting
  • advocacy
  • and just about any combination of all of these.

I am open to discussing how I can contribute my thoughts on any topic you might find helpful.

I am happy to work with people from all backgrounds and cultures, and have a keen interest in work that supports marginalised groups.

Contact me to discuss your needs and negotiate fees appropriate for the setting, number of participants and length of engagement.

if you prefer to talk on the phone, email me to set up a time


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