Meet Michelle

Michelle Swan is an autistic Australian writer, speaker, mentor, and neurodiversity rights advocate. Experienced in peer support, mentoring, workshop presentation, community building and advocacy, a mother of 6, having worked in eduction settings, and with degrees in teaching and psychology, Michelle is uniquely experienced to share insight and support both to people in need of personal mentoring and professional learning.

Michelle writes on a variety of topics, including neurodiversity, identity, autism, depression, self care, human rights, injustice, inclusion, acceptance, education, parenting, advocacy, and occasionally chickens and gardening.

Michelle’s first book The Real Experts: Readings for Parents of Autistic Children , available for purchase through Amazon, was published in 2015 by Autonomous Press.

Michelle’s second book, in partnership with Leia Solo for Respectfully Connected, is available as a free download from the Respectfully Connected Website.

Michelle’s writing is published in numerous places online: “Respectfully Connected” group blogging project, Aussie Mum Network, Huffington Post.

Michelle is involved in advocacy and peer support work with Autistic Families International (learn more about Michelle’s involvement here), All Means All (learn more about Michelle’s involvement here), and NeuroDiversity Connect (learn more about Michelle’s involvement here) .

Michelle presents NESA accredited professional development workshops to New South Wales teachers in partnership with Yurandaali Education. For more information visit their website.

Michelle is available for peer support and mentoring, and to speak and conduct workshops on a variety of topics. Click here for more information.

To contact Michelle directly please email