one of those days

You’ve had one of THOSE days, right? 

The ones that start with running late to the early drop off for your kid to catch the train for an excursion, and finish with the topping falling off the pizza you order for dinner because you didn’t make it into the shops (the only task on your to do list for the day) despite having driven past them 5 times. 

The days that include an emergency trip to the vet and result in a $500 bill to fix your dogs leg that he somehow got impaled by a stick in your back yard. 

You’ve had THOSE days, right?

The days in which you spend another hour on the phone to your internet provider (that makes 7 hours in total, and the problem isn’t solved yet) and still don’t feel like they have understood what you are talking about. 

The days in which your toddler cries all day, and it takes you to dinner time to figure out he has a headache, and you feel like you win the worst mother of the year award for not thinking to give him some pain relief earlier.

I’m not the only one, I’m sure, who has THOSE days from time to time. 

The days that see you going straight from school pick up to the dentist with your kid who has developed an abscess in her mouth sometime that day and all you can think is “I tell her every day to brush”….. 

The days when the dishwasher is actually empty for once, but no one realises, so there is still a pile of dirty dishes sitting on the sink and you wonder why you bother! 

The days when your Wonderful Husband whisks you out of the house at 5.30 for 30 minutes of “down time” while you pick up the aforementioned topping-shedding-pizza (yes, running errands counts as down time), and when you duck into the bottle shop the shop attendant greets you with “How are you tonight” and you say “Good” but really mean “If I don’t get to go to sleep soon I’m going to burst in uncontrollable ugly tears of frustration”. 

You know, THOSE days? 

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 3.33.07 PM

You are sitting in front of the tv at the end of it all, with a piece of naked pizza in one hand and a mug of champagne in the other telling yourself you are celebrating the end of this awful day, knowing deep down that there is every chance tomorrow will be much the same, and that as frustrated and tired and over it you are in this moment, you wouldn’t change it all for anything. This life, these kids, even the clumsy dog, are all yours. 

Today all the things above happened at our place. All of them! That is unusual. Thank goodness. But every day in life something does happen that I wasn’t expecting or planning for. Every day as a parent I have to do something or deal with something I’d rather not. And that is alright. 

This is my life. I like it here. These are my kids. I’m pretty fond of them. Sure, there are inconveniences, and some days are just plain crap. But it’s OK. It is all worth it. A chubby armed little cuddle (or ‘cuggle’, as he calls them), the sound of the girls chatting together in their room as they settle for sleep, the teens offering to help out when they see I am stressing. All reminders of the good things we have, and the reasons we hang in there. 

So, I raise my mug to you all out there. Parents, cheers! This is our life. I hope you all like yours as much as I like mine. 

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