Way of the Cactus: product review and offer for you!

I was so excited this week when the kids came running to find me and said “there’s someone at the door with a weird parcel.” I knew exactly what it was and I knew they’d love it! I had ordered some things from Way of the Cactus- the worlds first online store sourcing ethically made sensory items. So I’m keen to tell you about the store, the things I bought and a great offer I have for you! 

Before we get started, there are a couple of thing you should know.

Way of the Cactus is run by my friends Leia, Leif, Bri and Jules. I’m really excited to be writing about and supporting this new business, not just because these 4 are my friends but because they are top folks whose integrity I admire and who I believe have come up with a much needed way to support the neurodivergent community.

You should also know that this is a partly sponsored post. It’s also the first ever sponsored post on this website. It is a “partly sponsored post” because I bought some of the items I’m going to tell you about and I was not asked to review them, I just want to let you know they are awesome…. so that part is not sponsored. But some of the items I received were gifted to me by Way of the Cactus in exchange for me sharing my honest review of them with you. It is also a partly sponsored post because I am partnering with Way of the Cactus to bring you a great offer. More on that at the end of the post.

Way the Cactus package
image shows a box of goodies from Way of the Cactus. There are beautifully wrapped items all in lovely brown wrapping

So, here we go!

First off I have to say that even the packaging in this parcel was lovely. It felt nice, smelled nice and was all recyclable.

I love that there was a variety of textures in there too- crunchy paper, shredded paper, smooth boxes, and twine.

As I opened it up there were hands grabbing at everything and everything was just so touchable!



What I bought:

opening boxes from Way of the Cactus
image shows a wooden and fabric giraffe fidget, a wooden egg fidget, some black fidget beads and a wooden fidget spinner

What you see here is a ‘family fidget bundle‘ made up of the giraffe, fidget beads and wooden fidget spinner, and a wooden comfort egg.

I bought the wooden egg for myself because I love to have something firm in my hand that I can run my fingers over, press my fingers around and push into my palm. This egg is perfect. It is so smooth it almost feels soft, it’s just the right size, gives a calming pressure into my palm, and it looks beautiful.

The fidget bundle I bought for the kids. By far the most popular item is the wooden spinner. I think I’m going to need to buy a couple more to be honest. It looks and feels gorgeous and it spins smoothly and so quietly. We were burned by the plastic spinners that are so popular right now as we found them annoyingly noisy and flimsy. Even though they were cheap, they weren’t worth the money we spent because they broke so quickly. But this wooden spinner is great to use and excellent quality.

My 18 year old was quite taken with it. He says I can quote him: “I think I started on the wrong foot with spinners because I started with a plastic one and it was noisy and didn’t work well but this one is awesome. It feels nicer and it doesn’t hurt your fingers.

If you like the look of any of these products you can find them here: https://www.wayofthecactus.com/collections/spinners

Way of the Cactus sway board
image shows a Way of the Cactus sway board turned so it is like a bridge and with two pairs of feet standing on it

I also bought a sway board. I knew as soon as I saw these on the Way of the Cactus website that I had to order one. I thought it would be just the sort of thing my kids would use all the time. I was right. There has been someone using it pretty constantly since it arrived 48 hours ago. It has been used as a bridge, chair, see saw, rocker, table, tunnel, and book stand. Even the cats like to play on it!  I’ve seen other sway boards advertised, but this one is a little bigger and totally worth the spend. Two kids can use it at once, or a smaller child and an adult, as it is rated to support up to 100kgs.

We all love it! Here is the link to the sway board on the Way of the cactus website: https://www.wayofthecactus.com/collections/sway-boards-for-grown-ups


The last thing I bought was for myself- a pack of boxer shorts. My apologies if this is too much information for you, but I don’t like having things around my legs when I sleep and I often find pyjama shorts uncomfortable as they kind of slip around and are bulky where I don’t want them to be and tight in the wrong spots. I’m not a great sleeper, so anything that makes me more comfortable when I’m in bed is valuable to me. So, I thought I’d try these out.

Way of the Cactus Bhumi boxers
image shows a pair of black boxer shorts brand is Bhumi and they are sold by Way of the Cactus

They are great! Unfortunately the first night I wore them ended up being in the makeshift bed beside my son in hospital last night (He’s fine now), so I didn’t sleep well at all, but it wasn’t because my shorts were uncomfortable! I love the way these fit- the cut is comfortable and the fabric is nice. I often find pj shorts bulge a bit at the front when I sit but these don’t. The waist band is wide and firm with just the right pressure on my waist. They don’t grab at the top of my legs and they are just the right amount of roomy around my backside. So they get the thumbs up from me as sleep wear.

Here’s the link: https://www.wayofthecactus.com/collections/adults-sensory-friendly-underwear/products/mens-sensory-friendly-boxers  

Things that were gifted to me by Way of the Cactus (the sponsored part of this article):

Underwear! On the left is a pair of womens briefs, and on the right is a childs singlet and pair of boys briefs.

Again, sorry if this is too much information, but I’m not sure how to review briefs without being a little bold. I am not terribly sensory defensive when it comes to day clothing, but I do hate it when underwear rides up. It’s a sensation I just can’t ignore. I was sent two pairs of briefs and so I’ve been wearing them for two days now. I’m feeling a little disappointed I don’t have another pair because I haven’t done the washing today and so I have none for tomorrow….. and they are really, really, really comfortable. I have noticed a lack of riding up and I am enjoying it. They even withstood the exercise test and will now be my underwear of choice when I practice karate. To get more information or buy go here: https://www.wayofthecactus.com/collections/adults-sensory-friendly-underwear

As far as reviewing the children’s underwear, my 4 year old who doesn’t love clothes tells me these are “good.” Maybe not the most helpful review in the history of reviews, but from a boy who would be naked all the time if not for pesky social conventions and the fact we live somewhere so cold half the year, “good” is a pretty strong endorsement. I may have got more from him if he hadn’t been so engrossed in watching the wooden spinner spin…. but, you know, that’s how it goes in our house. From a mothers perspective, I like that these items are well made, ethically sourced, and made from cotton. They also look pretty cute on him, but he refuses photos right now, so I can’t show you. If these were available in larger sizes I would definitely buy some for my 10 year old to try as she is also quite sensitive to clothing discomfort. You can find the kids underwear and pyjamas from Way of the Cactus here: https://www.wayofthecactus.com/collections/organic-kids-pajamas

That wraps up the review part of the article. Now for the offer for you….

Discount code offer!!

Way of the Cactus is offering readers of my website a 15 % discount storewide!

Here’s how it works: All you have to do is enter the code MICHELLE15 when you order from the website and you will receive 15% off the purchase price of all items you buy (but there is no discount on shipping costs).  This offer is available to customers worldwide and is valid from now until 31 August 2017. That gives you 6 weeks to take advantage of this offer.

For full disclosure, Way of the Cactus will also be sending me a small cash payment to the value of 10% of the total sales made using the code MICHELLE15 at the end of the offer period as a thank you for partnering with them to promote their new store.

I have honestly loved all the products we received from Way of the Cactus this week, and they are just a very small selection of what is available. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for sensory friendly resources as well as people interested in ethically produced products. I will be a repeat customer for sure, and I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Way of the Cactus as a trusted business supporting the neurodivergent community.

Please have a look at the website at wayofthecactus.com  You will find helpful information as well as beautiful, good quality sensory treasures and clothing. And don’t forget to use discount code MICHELLE15 to get 15% off your total cart value at checkout.



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