Autistic Families International

Autistic Families International is a community group creating change with autistic families around the world.Led by autistic parents of autistic children, and advocating for autistic parents, children and young people within the neurodiversity movement. I am proud to be a Director of AFI, and excited to be part of the amazing work being done by this advocacy group.

In 2016 my work with AFI (then known as Autistic Family Collective) took me to Geneva to speak to The United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities about the practice of seclusion and restraint of autistic students in Australian schools, and saw me work collaboratively with colleagues on a submission of over 50 specific cases of abuse to the UN Special Rapporteur Rights on Persons with Disabilities. In the context of systems advocacy I met with representatives of the NDIA, NSW Department of Education and the advisor to the Australian Disability Discrimination Commissioner. I was also involved in individual support of families.

My work with AFI is ongoing, and I am proud to be part of the team there offering quality resources on autism and human rights.