The Real Experts

Looking for a book that will guide you in helping your Autistic child thrive?

I was, but I couldn’t find one that contained the information I was looking for.

image: cover of the book
image: cover of the book “The Real Experts”
The cover art is a bright colored geometric pattern
Text on the cover reads
“Full of practical advice…a landmark book”
-Steve Silberman
Edited by
Michelle Sutton

I wanted to hear from Autistic adults so I could better understand what life is like for my kids, after all Autistic adults were Autistic kids once themselves!

As I searched I found blogs written by Autistic people. Here was the information I needed!

So I’ve edited a collection of the articles and essays that I found most helpful, and the resulting book,

The Real Experts,

published by Autonomous Press, is available for purchase internationally through Amazon. Click here to view.

I hope this book will be a valuable resource for parents, teachers, professionals and all who want to learn about Autism and support Autistic children.

The Real Experts is available for customers in the USA  by visiting the Autonomous Press website. When you order you will also receive a copy of the ebook version.

Please visit this page on the Autonomous Press website for information about The Real Experts and short reviews by Steve Silberman (author of NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity), Karla McLaren and Dawn Prince-Hughes.


You can visit and “like” my Facebook page to see regular updates and find links to articles and resources I have published elsewhere. You can visit The Real Experts own Facebook page to find more reviews of the book.

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