behaviour modifications therapy does work Hello Michelle Swan

behaviour modification therapy does work

You can listen to this article as part of a podcast on The Neurodivecast by Alex Kronstein. Click << here >> to open the podcast site in a new window. This article is read second and begins five and a half minute into the episode. Keep listening for other excellent articles on the topic of ABA and behaviour modification therapy. 

You can read this article in Spanish by << clicking here >> to visit the site Traduciendo Autistas

“But it works”

It’s the most common reply I see from parents when autistic adults express opposition to behaviour modification therapy. I hear them tell the story of what has been achieved since their child has been in therapy, in order to convince others that they are wrong about the abusive nature of therapies like ABA. As I’ve listened I realise there is a lot of evidence supporting their claims, so I can only conclude that behaviour modification therapy does get the results parents want. 

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A severe problem

I received a message this morning, letting me know about an article on the FaceBook page of the Department of Education and Training in Queensland’s Autism Hub.

The article is upsetting in a number of ways. It contains misinformation, stereotyping, lots of negative language, and lots of blaming autistic people for their parents unhappiness and stress.

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My needs are not "special"

My needs are not “special”

Have you seen the comments about people with “special needs”? You know, the ones where people point out that having “special needs” kids is a “gift” that makes us “stronger”, “better people” and is “so hard” but “definitely worthwhile”?

How about the conversations about how supporting an adult with “special needs” makes a person “heroic” and “patient” and “good”?

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Thoughts on criticism

When I was in primary school, I went to stay with my grandparents one night that I have not forgotten, even 30 or so years later. Last week I received a message on my blog that I doubt I will ever forget. The two events are separated by decades, but remembering the first just after the occurrence of the second started a chain of thoughts that brought me to a place of realisation I was not expecting. 

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The venom of awareness

It’s my first April publicly identifying as Autistic. I have very deliberately over the past few years made sure I do not expose myself to the negative rhetoric that goes on, but this year it has been brought to me in a very personal way through a hateful comment left on my blog.

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learning from my past

I know we can’t change the past. I know that things in our past help us become who we are, and that is often a really positive thing. I know hindsight gives clarity and we probably shouldn’t spend too much time looking back with regret. But I have to admit I’m feeling angry about something that has happened, and happens to lots of people, that has meant I missed out on something really good for a long time. Looking back could be dangerous if we dwell there and don’t move on, but if we are willing I think there is something to be learned from it. 

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