FREE BOOK! Respectfully Connected: Journeys in Parenting, Autism and Neurodiversity

I’m excited to be able to give you the link to this FREE ebook that I edited with Leia from Respectfully Connected. 

Respectfully Connected is a group blogging project that has been incredibly well received around the world and is frequently recommended as a resource to help parents understand their autistic children and learn how to parent them with respect to foster connection.

In order to make the writings on the Respectfully Connected blog accessible to read in more ways than just online, Leia and I have edited a collection of articles from the blogs first year. This book is now available as a free PDF download from the website.

You can download your copy by clicking here. Enjoy!!

If you enjoy the book, you can find more articles from the team at Respectfully Connected on the website, and by following them on Facebook and Twitter